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katie bell's journal
Recent Entries 
21st-Aug-2007 08:58 am(no subject)
THIS is the life. Oh yes.

I, Katherine Elmira Bell have too much great reasons as to why I've been dead on these things.

First, I quit my job at Quality Quidditch Supplies. It was becoming more of a bother as training went on.



I would say I can die happy now, but that would make me no use to the team, I'm sure.

Seriously, though. This is big! It can mean so much for my career. What if Magpie offers me a position? One of their Chasers is supposedly retiring! It's just - it's just too great.

Since I'm THIS happy, everyone I know here can have free tickets to the game, and a pass for the after parties. Not even sure if we will win, but Gwenog's torture has to pay off somehow, right? Come one, come all!
25th-Sep-2006 06:31 pm(no subject)
Note to self: Stop getting sloshed, damn it. I can't believe it's happening - again. Bloody hell. Bloody hell.

And yes, of course Puddlemere won.

And the Azkaban breakout is making me afraid of going to work in Diagon Alley. I'll probably take the weekend off work.

And Ginny - I can't believe I forgot mentioning this bloody Roger Davies - but that drinking session was great fun.

I feel too gloomy today...
17th-Sep-2006 02:08 pm(no subject)
Is dating Roger Davis a horrible thing?

Just asking. I know he had quite the ... history back at Hogwarts, but he's actually a pretty decent bloke. Really.

Or maybe I've gone mad and need a lot of help. Maybe. Just maybe.

The past week has been hectic, Quality Quidditch Supplies has hardly been unoccupied, everyone was in demand for tickets. I only just found out now I can actually get tickets since I'm an employee, but I guess it's too late for that. I'm going with Roger now.

And Oliver, how are things with Marietta?
12th-Sep-2006 08:06 pm(no subject)

Love is bollocks. Complete and utter bollocks.

I'm thankful Gwenog started training already when the next season is a whole year away. It takes my mind off things. Even though I have to admit that she is pretty mental for torturing us like this.

I'm off to visit Fred and George at their shop. Haven't talked to those two in ages.

The Harpies shall win the championship next year. Oh yes we will.
5th-Sep-2006 05:10 pm(no subject)
Oh shit.

What the bloody hell did I just do?

I partly blame all the firewhiskies I drank for this. I just hate being sloshed sometimes. But only sometimes.

((Ok, this part's hexed, charmed, whatever you call it, so only Oliver can read it:))

Oliver, I would completely understand if you don't ever talk to me again, but I need to explain myself.

So can we talk? Immediately would be nice. And I - I promise will make sure it won't happen again. It's just -- it's just hard, ok? Just talk to me. Please.

((Karla, I was planning to email you and let you know about what Katie's trying to say here, but I figured it would be more drama-filled if you wing it, yeah? Let's just say Oliver and Katie had a few drinks, that resulted to things being said and something done that made our dear Oli feel guilty and head home.

I was craving some more drama, so... XD
31st-Aug-2006 10:09 pm(no subject)
This is...interesting.

I'm still not used to this computer thing, though Diane (my sister-in-law) has taught me all that she knows. Honestly, why is this click thing called a mouse? It's just odd. I feel like I have to give the thing some cheese.

Besides that, I finally got one of these, just for the sake of catching up with some old pals. It's been a year since I left Hogwarts but I missed a whole lot of events and happenings. Hopefully I'll get caught up. You all watched me play Quidditch, probably all of you know how much I hate being sidelined. I'm still a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies, and working at Quality Quidditch Supplies in my spare time, and it's not bad at all. I haven't broken anything or had an accident THAT much, which really is quite an achievement. The work is hectic, but being around Quidditch in all of my work takes the stress out. It's all really fun, even though sometimes half of my weekends are gone.

So, how's everyone? Everyone doing well, I hope.

((Haiii it's meee! XD Created Katie Bell for the sake of some more drama, haha. This should be fun, I've never RPed a Gryffindor before, haha, so it should be interesting, too. You have no idea how much problems I had picking a PB, I had 3 choices and it was difficult choosing one, but decided on Emily. Hope you like her as Katie, too. :D - Cheska))
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